Testimonials | EZ Subpoena

Wow, a great system!


At first, we were a little skeptical about using EZ Subpoena but we went ahead and tried their 30-day free trail to see how it worked. Well….. No longer were we skeptical about the program. Once we got everything set up, EZ Subpoena made producing subpoenas fast and easy. No longer did we have to print, copy, copy, copy. It produced all the subpoenas we needed and stopped all the redundant typing like it advertises. GREAT program!!

Saved me a ton of time!


EZ Subpoena made my everyday routine of producing subpoenas fast and pretty simple. It kept me from having to input the same information in over and over again. Before EZ Subpoena, it was just such a time consuming task, but ever since we used the 30-day free trail EZ Subpoena has cut the time down dramatically. There is truly no other program like it!