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Why does it always take you so long to prepare those subpoenas?
“Can you take care of these before you leave?” Just what you want to hear, as you gather your things to go home.

How are you going to “take care of these” before you leave?
These subpoenas are going to take an hour or more to finish. After the forms, there is still the attachment to print and then off to the photocopy machine. Let’s see, three additional counsel, Plaintiff counsel, Serve Copy plus original – so 5 copies to make. At least at this time of day there won’t be anybody competing for copier or printer. Don’t forget to put tomorrow as the notification date as there is no way these will be ready for hand delivery today.

There is so much to do and make sure that all is accurate. The correct forms, everything is spelled correctly and then assembled properly. Does every set have all the forms and the attachment included – check. Now where is the messenger?

Have you ever had to go check with someone to figure out which forms go with each subpoena type?
You are requested to obtain the escrow records needed for one of your cases. Have you notified everybody that is required? Do you have the best address to serve the subpoena to? What date should the deposition date be? All very good questions, now if you could find the answers soon.

Subpoenas can be complicated and time consuming to prepare using traditional methods. Finding the correct forms, filling them out, and then filling out most of the same information on the next one. Once you have finished typing then it is time to check everything for typos, etc. Unfortunately that misspelling in the case caption on the third subpoena means refilling out the whole form again!


Introducing EZ Subpoena

EZ Subpoena was created by individuals who have a combined seventy plus years in the legal photocopy industry as a tool to help those that prepare subpoenas as part of their day. After handling over a million subpoenas between them over the last twenty or so years they have developed a level of expertise and experience few possess. We have seen and heard the frustration of many people in the legal industry complaining about the process needed to properly prepare a subpoena. EZ Subpoenahas been developed to make the preparation process as simple as possible with amazing results. All California Civil and Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board subpoenas are available as well as United States District Court civil subpoenas.
The system is designed to remove all redundant typing with necessary information only being entered a single time. After that it is saved, and becomes easily accessed via a drop down menu. This means that all information only needs to be entered once eliminating the need for repetitive typing at any time using the program.

With EZ Subpoena you are going to have amazing results.

The reason why you’ll get amazing results is because of three simple reasons:

With zero redundant typing time savings are unprecedented.

All information input can be used on any subpoena type (i.e. information input for records subpoenas can be copied directly for a deposition or trial subpoena.

There is nothing like this program anywhere else.



Important: Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Delay

EZ Subpoena is the most efficient and comprehensive subpoena preparation program available anywhere.

There is nothing else that records everything for you, alleviating stress and saving a lot of time for all you other pressing projects.

EZ Subpoena is also 100% guaranteed. Try us out with our EZ Risk Free Program for a thirty day trial. You like what you see just keep using us.

EZ Subpoena will help you in all aspects of subpoena preparation. You need help finding a facility … we are there. You need help figuring out what records a facility has … we are there. Just have a question … we are there.