Subpoena Preparation Solution Features | EZ Subpoena

So, what is in EZ Subpoena, and how can it help you?

Easy to use: Some programs that perform relatively complex tasks are just as complicated for the user to perform the required steps to accomplish the goal. EZ Subpoena is designed to be simple, easy and convenient for the user. The layout and structure of the program is extremely user friendly making this a very easy program to learn and use on a daily basis.

Quick Alpha Search:
 Can’t remember the spelling of the name, or can only remember some of the information? No problem, the program has an Alpha search system where you can put in any information, whether it is an opposing counsel, a location name or address, possibly a records subject the system will find all subpoenas that you have created with that information and provide them in a list for easy selection and viewing.

Deposition Date Calendar:
 Are you forever counting and flipping your calendar backwards and forwards to figure out when to set your deposition date?  EZ Subpoena has a built in calendar that will allow you to select a specific date or have the calendar select the day for you. The calendar will automatically forward the desired deposition date if the first selection is a weekend or a holiday.

Which forms to use?
Deposition subpoenas, Trial subpoenas, Records subpoenas, Federal Subpoenas. What forms are needed for each one?   EZ Subpoena has all the appropriate forms programmed into the system for a multitude of possible combinations. Need a Consumer Notice on a Federal Subpoena for records, no problem. All California State and Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board subpoenas are available as well as Civil Federal Subpoenas.

Active Location List:
How long do you spend researching the addresses need for your subpoenas? Probably more time than actually preparing the subpoenas themselves!  EZ Subpoena has a location database of over one hundred thousand facilities. All facility addresses are maintained in a centralized location that is fed by the site’s users. Utilizing the Quick Alpha search the address and contact information can be accessed for many of the most desired facilities in the region.

Court Addresses:
Your Court Address cheat sheet is buried under files again, and with lots to do you can’t remember the street address of the Court. All California Civil Courts are already saved into the system and are saved by District. All United States District Courts are also listed in the database for easy access. For Federal Courts there is an easy link to identify the correct district when serving a subpoena outside the filing district.

Subpoena Clauses:
Do you have to retype or waste time looking for the last subpoena clause you spent a long time creating for your last subpoena. The program can store for easy use a multitude of subpoena clauses that you have created ready for the next subpoena. If you already have these created one, then simply copy and paste into the system ready for the future.

You have a complicated case that requires detailed attachments for each subpoena. Between all the Counsel and Deponents you should be done in front of the copier in 45 minutes. Oh Boy!  EZ Subpoena can insert your PDF saved Attachments into all subpoenas at the desired placement. The system can handle even the largest attachments with ease.

Assembly and review:
After having spent the best part of several hours putting together dozens of subpoena packages your helpful co-worker points out the typo in the case caption, the same one you thought was fixed after the last time.  EZ Subpoena automatically puts all the forms in the correct order and packages. This means that the system automatically creates the necessary paperwork for each facility being subpoenaed. There will be one for the location, one for each opposing and/or co-counsel. These can all be reviewed on screen by viewing a preview of the actual document. This allows for a thorough visual check and also for any corrections to be made quickly and easily.  As the system collates the documents and automatically creates copies for all necessary parties you can let someone else use the copier for a while.

Distribution of the documents:  Where is the messenger? It has been thirty minutes since you called. These Notices must be served today and time is running out. Once you have reviewed and approved all of your subpoenas they can be emailed. You can have them all emailed to you so that you can print everything and just mail out any notices and then have the packages already for your process servers to take at a later date. You can have the Opposing Counsel packages emailed directly to your process servers to take out. These will print in easily defined packages to help ensure that all documents are delivered to the appropriate address. Or you can send everything to your desired Copy Service to take care of. The choice is yours and is easy to set up.

Progress:  “I need a status on the subpoenas on the Jones case”. How many times have you heard that and knew that your next twenty minutes would be quite frantic. EZ Subpoena has two systems to help you in this matter. There is a progress field where you can record who served the subpoena to whom and when as well as who will be copying the records. There is also a calendar which automatically shows any deposition dates for that day, as well as having fields to be able to add any event.

Replicate subpoenas:  Finally Discovery is closing and you have all the records. Now you have to prepare a new subpoena for each facility for trial, this is going to take a while. EZ Subpoena has a simple tool that will allow you to replicate all the information from records subpoenas to trial subpoenas. You simply select the subpoenas, press the copy button, change the subpoena type and dates then add the Court department and you are done! Like everything else with the program it is Simple, Reliable and Convenient.