FAQ | EZ Subpoena

What Subpoenas can the program produce?

The program can currently provide all California Civil subpoenas, United States District Court Subpoenas and California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board Subpoenas. Other states' subpoenas will be added to the program.

Can I prepare multiple subpoenas in a single session?

The program is designed so that multiple subpoenas can be created in a single session with all common information entered only one time. Once that information is entered is saved and easily retrieved with a dropdown menu. This means that when preparing multiple subpoenas, only the location or witness information needs to be possibly added.

Do I still have to make copies for the other parties to the case?

No. The system will create a separate “package” of documents for each entity requiring it. Each package has copies for the witness facility and other counsel in the case.

Do you have subpoena clauses we can use?

The system has available a series of subpoena clauses that have been successfully used thousands of times before to obtain records. You can, however, put your own desired verbiage as a replacement and save it for future use as desired.

What if I have an attachment I would prefer to use?

The program can insert any attachment that you want to use. Just save the document as a PDF and save it to our attachment file, where it is available at any time. The program will insert it into the correct placement automatically.

Do you have any facility addresses already in the system?

We currently have over 100,000 locations already listed in the system that are available. Each new location that you add to the program will be added for future use.

Do I have to print the subpoena? Or can I email it?

You can do either. If you would prefer to print the subpoenas for your Attorney Service to pick up, that is no problem. You can, however, email them directly to your attorney or copy service.

How do I put in the Deposition Officer information?

Within the administration fields, you can enter as many different Deposition Officers as you want. If you are emailing the subpoenas to your copy service to take care of everything else, you can have their address and named Deposition Officer’s name (and even a scanned signature) added for use with a drop down menu.

Does the program select the deposition date for me?

The program has a calendar system that can be utilized in two ways. You can select by the number of days out that you want such as 25 or 30, or select a specific date. If the date selected is less that the legal minimum required, it will advise you.  If the selected date lands on a weekend or holiday, it will forward the date to the next business day.

Can I review the subpoena before printing or emailing?

Once you have finished entering all the information for your subpoena you can review it as a document on your screen. If there are any changes, you simply close the review screen, make the alts as desired, and then review the changed subpoena. This will help ensure that every subpoena that you send out is accurate and will therefore help produce the desired results.

Is there anywhere to make any notes in the system?

Yes, there are two areas to make notes. One is designed more for contact information such as: who served the subpoena to whom and who the location contact person is. The second is set up for case notes as opposed to location specific notes.

Will the system remind me about deposition dates?

The program has a calendar program that will remind you of the deposition date. You can also add to the program any other reminder that you would like, even favorites such as birthdays or dental appointments.

Is EZ Subpoena Mac compatible?

Yes! The minimum system requirements are an Intel based Mac with at least 1GB of RAM.

How Much Does it Cost?

Pricing is simple: First 30 days are free for any user within the firm that wishes to try it. After the demo period is up, each subpoena costs $12.00 to produce. Simple pricing with no hidden costs, licensing fees or user fees. Pay for what you use!